What 2017 Anime Have You Been Watching?

2017-03-04 06:15:49 by hotdogtopus

Is it just me or is there nothing to watch this season? Maybe I'm old and just outgrowing all of the anime genres. My favorite anime was Shikabane Hime and I haven't seen anything since that which I thought much of. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was okay. I also liked Outlaw Star and Pilot Candidate or Candidate for Goddess.

Currently, I'm watching Trickster and Scum's Wish, neither of which I really like. I resisted Scum's Wish at first, but got sucked in after a few episodes. Once I hit episode 6, I didn't really like where the series was going. I posted a review of episode 8 on my blog, curious about who's watching it and what they think.


I'm pretty disappointed that the white-haired kid in Trickster ended up with psychic powers. Given the genre, I was expecting a more technological or sci-fi explanation. The series doesn't seem to be going anywhere interesting. Pw. I'm making the farting sound with my mouth,


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2017-03-04 09:33:42

Cum God

hotdogtopus responds:

This is good, too.


2017-03-04 10:01:52

My favorite anime is little bill...

hotdogtopus responds:

Excellent choice.