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Funny all the way around.

@MeGa-wise: In the video, it specifically said that the money would come from the richest people. It's not possible for most people to live off of $1000 a month. People would still need to work because people never have enough money. The government already pays for a lot of our stuff, so adding discretionary income wouldn't be that different. This is just a video on Newgrounds. I'm not sure why you're made at adamanimates?

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A little short this time.

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It doesn't run well on mobile. Choppy frames, sound, and movement, but I saw the demo video on Gamasutra and it looks good there. +2 stars because it's available on GameBoy. A cool story. Makes me wonder where my GameBoy is ...

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drludos responds:

Hi, sorry you had a bad experience on mobile.

May I ask what device you use? I know that the Javascript-based Game Boy emulator needs quite a lot of CPU power (games are running at 60fps). As the rom is free to download, you can also try a native Game Boy emulator app for your mobile, you should have smooth performance that way.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and I hope you'll find your GameBoy!

Cool for 30 seconds, but difficult to see what's going on when your finger is constantly over the screen.

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I don't like the controls. Using the arrow keys would help to separate the movement from the attacks. Too confusing the way that it is. Can't get used to it.

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popotsesthedragon responds:

Hey! I'm currently working on this issue. It might be available in the future releases. Hopefully, by then you could become number one.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! The outfit is too flat, but I'm not going to subtract starts for that. I would swap out the lines for shadows

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Nice horizon and perspective. Cloning and resizing some major objects flattens it a bit.

Nice colors. Pink would look better if extended all the way across.

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