Entry #35

I saw the movie It. (no spoilers) + Halloween Plans

2017-09-11 14:09:20 by hotdogtopus

So, I saw It (the movie) today and I thought it was good. It wasn't really scary. There were a few parts where my eyes ballooned, but I don't think I jumped at any point. I expected to, so that was disappointing. However, the girl with her boyfriend in front of me was squirming around in her seat and jumping around like a fish. That was probably scarier than the actual movie.

It was a good movie. I wouldn't see it again, but I generally don't watch the same movie twice unless it's on TV and I've completely forgotten it. It will not "disturb me for days". I saw a lot of mainstream press posting stuff like truly terrifying, but for me – I'm old – it was not. Obviously, there is good suspense in it, but scary ... ? There are things in real life that are definitely scarier.

All that being said, I thought it might be fun to do a parody game with 3D me in a clown costume running around in an anime-style dungeon crawler with children to save and some jump scares. Think Jason + It + 2.5/3D dungeon crawler.

But! I'm having trouble getting large animations to play across HTML5 devices. Either the device people use is too slow to play the animation, so it just skips it, framerate crashes, etc. So, I'm going to have some quality issues if I manage to release before Halloween.

I'm a little disappointed with the feedback for Seer and Castle. I did manage to get 17,000 views and it's just a preview, but I don't know ... I kind of expected more enthusiasm, so that project will probably get dropped.


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2017-09-12 03:40:37

I saw IT the other night and my eyes widened at a few parts, too, but I didn't think it was super scary or anything. That's because I'm not scared by horror movies.

I was there with a few people, including my best friend, who is scared of clowns. It was funny seeing her jump back in her seat, haha.

hotdogtopus responds:

Yeah, I've seen a lot of horror, so it just depends. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Wrong Turn creeped me out, but that was a long time ago.


2017-09-12 15:07:33

We have become so desensitized that scary movies just lose their effect the more we watch them. I think the only thing that can actually scare me in movies now has to be jump scares.

hotdogtopus responds:

Yeah, I was surprised It didn't have any.