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Is it just me or is there nothing to watch this season? Maybe I'm old and just outgrowing all of the anime genres. My favorite anime was Shikabane Hime and I haven't seen anything since that which I thought much of. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was okay. I also liked Outlaw Star and Pilot Candidate or Candidate for Goddess.

Currently, I'm watching Trickster and Scum's Wish, neither of which I really like. I resisted Scum's Wish at first, but got sucked in after a few episodes. Once I hit episode 6, I didn't really like where the series was going. I posted a review of episode 8 on my blog, curious about who's watching it and what they think.


I'm pretty disappointed that the white-haired kid in Trickster ended up with psychic powers. Given the genre, I was expecting a more technological or sci-fi explanation. The series doesn't seem to be going anywhere interesting. Pw. I'm making the farting sound with my mouth,

Hey guys,

My e-book giveaway for Don't Forget the Bard! is currently active. Go and download a free copy between now until March 6. After that, it will be between $.99 and $2.99. If you don't use Amazon or Kindle, PM me and I'll send you a copy in your preferred e-reader format.


Hey guys!

Thanks to all that supported Don't Forget the Bard! It currently has 3.5 stars and 15,220 plays on Newgrounds alone.

I rewrote the story and modified it for the e-book format. It's currently available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 or free through Kindle Unlimited. It will be free for everyone from March 3 to March 6, 2017. After that, it may be available from time to time for $.99. If you enjoyed the online game, I hope that you'll consider supporting my efforts.

If you'd like a free copy of the book in pdf, mobi, etc, I'm giving away free copies to people who sign up for my newsletter on my main site. Just mention that you'd like a copy of Don't Forget the Bard in the comments and your preferred format.


So, I think I know what I'm doing for Pico Day, but I don't know if I will finish it on time ...It might get pushed to next year.

Basically, I'm working on an @TomFulp Walking Simulator - RPG. The game play/dynamics will be similar to Drakkhen, but you'll only be able to walk forwards and backwards in space and time. Tom will meet various villains and protagonists along the Newgrounds' timeline / history including his brother, his wife, a few people who have no sense of humor, and Google Ads. The point of the game is to send Tom to the future to save Numa 2.0. This will make sense to long-time users when they finish the game. The secondary objective is to teach new users about the history of Newgrounds. There is a tertiary objective that I will not hint at.

However, I am taking requests because I fear that I'll miss the most important Newgrounds' events. If you have any significant events/persons related to Tom or Newgrounds history that you would like to see added, feel free to leave a comment or PM me and I will try to include it. Enemies needed! Tom's enemies have not done a good job of making their opinions about him public, so long time NG users and their input would be appreciated.



Don't Forget the Bard! 2 & E-book + Good Little NEET

2017-02-23 02:10:34 by hotdogtopus

Hey guys!

So, I've been modifying Don't Forget the Bard! so that it can be used in Kindle form without inventory and stats. I've removed some paths while adding others and people can play it without dice or keeping track of stuff on paper, etc. I think that will open it to a larger reading audience. For those who enjoyed it, I hope that they will support it by downloading it for free on Kindle. It will be available for free for 5 days to everyone and I will make a blog post when it is. Make sure to fan me now to get that update in your feed. Afterwards, it will be $2.99 and maybe drop down to $.99 for sales promotions, etc.

Don't Forget the Bard! 2 is in the planning stage. I may change the title, but the story will be set thousands of years in the future when people are so stupid that they're no longer able to code and the sword and bard powers come into rule again. So, it will be sci fi / dystopian / fantasy / humor and maybe some satire. I'm taking requests, so feel free to let me know if you have anything.

Good Little NEET is mostly finished. It's just not playable yet in its current form. I had a few story snags, but I think I've worked them all out and it should be finished by the end of the year. I thought it would be ready before spring, but between editing and publishing, it has just taken a back seat.

Do people read my blog posts? I have no way of knowing unless you leave a comment because I don't get stats for these. If you read this post, leave an "I read this." in the comments and THANKS to all that do.

~ Danny

Hey guys!

So, I finally get to replace my play dough hotdog-octopus because my logo just came in.


What do you think?

But my burning question is -- why didn't you play Unlikable Us? For those who don't follow me, Unlikable Us is an interactive fiction game, but it's mostly a kinetic novel with few choices. The fun is guessing the culprit at the end. Can you solve the murder?

Initially it got lowballed -- like at 2 stars. Now it is closer to 3 stars which I think is more fair. When I got the initial scores, I thought, No. This is not a 2-star game. But few people have actually even clicked on it. My question is -- why didn't you click on it and if you did play it, why did it get low scores? Getting the answer will really help me. Permission to speak freely. I have a new game in the works and I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

Thanks to everyone who played and rated Don't Forget the Bard!

Hey guys,

So, as I estimated one month ago today, Don't Forget the Bard! did exceed 10,000 views and hit 3.5/5 stars before the end of the year (though it is back down to 3.48 now, it did hit 3.5 at one point). I am guessing that views continued to increase because the game has remained in the featured section on the mobile site of Newgrounds. However, reviews and ratings have mostly stopped and the project feels pretty dead at this point.

I don't think there will be significant updates to the game because I will probably just post a sequel instead. This will help to make sure that larger numbers of users on Newgrounds get to see the new content. However, I will continue to support bug fixes. Incomplete paths currently in the game will just be deleted and or redesigned to merge into other current paths.

I went ahead and opened a .com for 'hotdogtopus'. The logo is currently in design and I'm working on various swag to fundraise for other projects. It will serve more as a general blog and journal, while my posts here at Newgrounds will be more project related.

Try your best to survive the holidays with your in-laws! Yikes! And thanks for making Don't Forget the Bard! #17 for November!


Hello to all Let's Players!

We're happy for LPs to make free and or ad-monetized LP videos of hotdogtopus' games. Each game has a 'credits' section listed in the Newgrounds page description. Please post that with your video. We often use Creative Commons materials from, so this helps to continue to provide credit to the artists that help us make our games.

Please do not take art, music, nor other resources out of the games and use them for other purposes. You can always refer to the credits to secure permission and materials from the artists directly. Some materials are paid for by us and are not available under the CC license, so do not assume that all materials fall under CC.

In the past, I've had the most success getting financial support from fans by creating demos and then selling the full versions of games. I don't like the model. I would prefer to make everything free without ads and then take donations. The problem is that very few people donate when they can get something for free. I've considered Patreon, but there are some months when I don't have time to generate content, so that's not a great model. I don't want to participate in the per-project option at Patreon either.

I like the idea of selling promotional merchandise, though. This is probably the most difficult way to make money, but if you were to support an artist by buying swag, would you prefer to buy:

  1. a pencil for $5
  2. a button for $5
  3. an eraser for $5
  4. a T-shirt for $25
  5. a USB drive for $25
  6. or a postcard for $3?

Just leave a comment. You can PM me if you don't want to comment publicly. Also, feel free to suggest other swag or ideas.


So, I recently closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts and I thought I would post why for whoever is curious.

When my friends post something to Facebook, it doesn't show up in my feed. This is interesting. At first, stuff from new friends post, but they disappear after a few weeks. Maybe it's because I read, but don't interact with the posts? Not sure, but they don't even see what I post -- at least, most people don't and I don't post that often. What's the point? If I post something to my page, it should show up for my friends unless they block me. That's why I'm posting it! Facebook is filtering way too much. Who does Mark Zuckerberg think he is? The other issue is that Facebook makes strange connections. For example, one day I sent an e-mail to my boss from a different e-mail and the next day, my boss showed up in my "Do you know ..." feed. I thought that was weird and wondered whether my boss typed my e-mail in the Facebook search or something and that's why they were asking. We don't have any friends that are the same on Facebook.

Twitter has similar issues. I don't post that often, but when I do, my posts don't show up in the Twitter search very often. If you don't have a lot of followers, you're just talking to nobody. Doesn't make sense. I didn't SPAM. I didn't have objectionable content. They just block the nobodies.

There's also the privacy issue. Will future employers pick through my social media feeds? Will I be fired or not hired because of what I've posted? I don't post anything extreme on my pages, but I do share petitions for political / social campaigns, etc.

Anyway, I don't use social media that often, but if Facebook and Twitter are reading this -- bye, bye! And good riddance to ya.